Human Body Unit: The Skeleton

Jacob has been interested in human anatomy and physiology since he was around four years old. This is a subject I enjoy because anatomy and physiology was one of my favorite courses in college. There is a great resource available which makes a unit about the human body come alive. It is called The Body Book:Easy-To-Make Hands-On Models That Teach and it is filled with fun models to make including models of the tongue, eye, ear, skin, skeleton, brain, digestive system, respiratory system, heart, urinary system, joints, and a tooth. We are currently studying the skeleton and will be moving on to other areas of the body shortly. The picture above shows Jacob with the skeleton model he made from "The Body Book" and he enjoyed it so much that he asked to make a second one. This book says it is for Grades 3-6 but Jacob is in the 1st grade so I would say it is also for advanced 1st and 2nd graders who have good scissor skills.

I thought I would share some other great books about the skeleton to go along with "The Body Book". They are below and you can click on them to read more about them. Jacob gave the Bones book five stars but I would say it is more geared to the typical 3-6th grader. I will be adding more blog posts in the future about our Human Body Unit with pictures of the fun models we are making and other recommended books.

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