A Blossoming Artist

We recently discovered two great drawing books that have inspired a new interest in my son Jacob. I am sad to say that I had pretty much decided Jacob was a child who would probably never have a talent or interest in drawing. When he did draw something it was usually quickly scribbled stick figures. Well I was wrong and I'm happy to admit it!

A couple of months ago, Grandma came to visit. Grandma sells used books for a living and she usually brings each of my children a book when she comes to take care of them and give her very appreciative daughter and son-in-law a monthly date night. On this particular visit, she brought Jacob an Usborne book called I Can Draw Animals. The next day Jacob sat at his desk half the morning drawing pictures of animals. This was such a great surprise to me considering I had thought my son would never develop an interest in drawing. Jacob spent days drawing pictures of different animals and then asked me to get him some more drawing books. I found the Usborne book I Can Draw People and that was a big hit as well.

Now Jacob may not be the next Picasso but he sure is having fun drawing all these pictures and I think they are quite good for a six year old. You can check out the drawings below. I highly recommend these books if you have a child who already likes to draw or if you have a child who shows little interest in it. Both books are available through the Kids Love Learning Store.

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