My Best Christmas Gift This Year

We are really enjoying our Christmas celebration this year which is a month long holiday in our house. We adopted our daughter, Rosa, from China in September of 2007 so this is her second year celebrating Christmas. Rosa turned five years old in October. Last year she loved Christmas but this year is even better because she has all the anticipatory excitement of a child who knows what Christmas is about. A week ago, we were invited by my friend and neighbor Sarah to have brunch with her family at her mother's farm. After brunch, we went into the woods behind the farm to find a Christmas tree. Rosa and Jacob had a great time hunting for a Christmas tree and helping us haul it out of the woods.

That night my husband and I were very tired but the kids were begging us to put the tree up and decorate it. We decided it would be less tiring to put the tree up versus listening to the pestering for another day. Jacob and Rosa had such fun decorating the tree and Rosa would clap with happiness and excitement after placing many of her ornaments on the tree. When the tree was all decorated, Rosa requested that we have a family group hug and of course we complied. While we were hugging she kept saying over and over in a happy sweet voice, "family". Having my beautiful daughter show her love for her new family is
definitely the best Christmas present I could possibly receive this year. We have been so blessed by adopting an older child and getting to see things like our Christmas traditions through her eyes.


Olivia said...

Sweet pictures. I think it's the best time of year to make such good memories with family. Merry Christmas to you!

RainyPM said...

This is so touching. I really admire anyone that adopts a child and makes such a difference in a life. Merry Christmas!

Kosel Family said...

Congratulations on two years with your daughter home! I just saw your blog on a facebook home school group. We also adopted, two boys from Russia. Our youngest has been home 2 years and 2 days! Our oldest has been home almost 3 years, in Feb of 09. We are homeschooling too. I just LOVE your blog! Very cool, something I hope mine will be one day. I would love to chat with you more about it and your Amazon store... and Usborne, I noticed you use a lot of it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love this Blog!! I'm leaning more and more towards homeschooling my little child. Reading things like this is encouraging.