Lapbooking Resources

I am part of a great on-line homeschooling forum called Homeschool Share where you can find lots of free unit studies, lapbooks, and more. Ami, the administrator of the group, recently posted a fabulous lapbook covering one of our favorite books, My Father's Dragon. She included all the free printables and directions you would need to create your own My Father's Dragon Lapbook. You can see more pictures of the completed lapbook at Ami's blog, Walking By the Way. Be sure and check out the rest of her blog for other great ideas and also the Homeschool Share lapbook master list where you can find many other free lapbooks.

If you are new to lapbooking like I am, you can learn more about lapbooking at the sites listed below:

Lapbooking Resources
1. Squidoo has great pages about lapbooking, lapbooking supplies, making your own lapbook templates, and how to make minibooks for your lapbooks.

2. Homeschool Share has free lapbook templates and more miscellaneous templates as well.

I was initially overwhelmed by the idea of lapbooking, but thanks to all the free lapbooks available on Homeschool Share and the how to's on Squidoo, we are going to give lapbooking a try. It looks like fun and I am sure Jacob will love it since he is addicted to paper crafts.

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