Microwavable Salt Dough Ornaments

I hadn't made salt dough ornaments since I was a kid but this year we were invited to make some with our neighbors. This is the first Christmas that Jacob and I are eating wheat free, so making these ornaments was a fun way for us to use all of our Christmas cookie cutters. We normally have a yearly tradition of making Christmas cookies but I haven't found a good wheat/gluten free cookie dough recipe, so our tradition had to be modified a bit. I think the ornaments turned out great and they were really easy to make thanks to the microwavable salt dough recipe from allfreecrafts.com. We used acrylic paints to decorate them.


Mike and Barb said...

You just gave me a great idea for a gift for family members.
I have some salt dough resting as we speak. Only one addition to some of the recipes listed on the website: While the microwave version seems right, most other salt dough recipes do NOT list enough water (1/2 cup). It takes at least 1 cup, even more to make a soft, elastic dough.
Another good basic recipe is this:
2 parts flour
2 parts salt
1 part water.

That way you can make as much or as little as you'd like.
You could add more flour and less salt, that makes the dough a bit less "grainy".

You can also make cute handprint molds with salt dough.
(I have even used it to make paw prints for Nico's cat that we had to put to sleep)

Love all the ideas!

Amy said...

Thanks for the ideas and recipe Barb! I love the paw print and hand print idea.