Resurrection Eggs and Easter Lapbooks

We are busy getting ready for Easter this week. I volunteered to have family over for dinner and this has given me a good reason to get a little spring cleaning done. The kids and I are taking a couple of mornings this week to work on cleaning the house together. My kids actually enjoy helping with cleaning which is a huge blessing.

We have started doing Resurrection Eggs in the evenings which is a yearly Easter tradition for our family. The kids love hunting for an egg, seeing what object is in the egg, and then reading a short portion of the Easter story from the Bible every night. You can buy Resurrection Eggs at Christian Book Distributors or you can make your own. We made the eggs in my MOPS group a number of years ago and you can find instructions for making the eggs here. Resurrection Eggs are a great way to introduce your child to the Easter Story.

Jacob was asking for some Easter activities today, so I started searching around the internet and found a really cool Resurrection Eggs lapbook at Just Call Me Jamin. There are links to all the free printables you will need to complete the lapbook. Homeschool Share also has a free lapbook based on "The Legend of the Easter Egg" book. We used a few of the free printable there to make a simple Easter book.

One other project I hope to tackle this week is making tie-dyed Easter eggs using old silk ties. You can see some beautiful examples of these eggs at Our Best Bites along with instructions on how to make the eggs. My husband has some old ties I am sure he would be willing to sacrifice for a good cause.

Wishing all of you a blessed Easter!

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