Fine Motor Update

I had to share an update on how far Rosa has come with her fine motor skills. Yesterday we attended her Chinese School class. I am a parent coordinator for Rosa's preschool class at Chinese School which runs for seven Saturdays in the fall and spring. The class includes traditional Chinese dance for children, basic Mandarin, and Chinese crafts and culture. Rosa loves Chinese School and I am so glad we have this wonderful opportunity in our area.

Anyway, yesterday at craft time the children were making tiger hats which involved cutting out a circle from construction paper to start with. Rosa loves to cut now and was the very first child to finish cutting out her circle while staying right on the line. She was also able to cut out the smaller pieces of the tiger face which many of the other children were not able to do on their own.

Last year when we attended Chinese School after being home from China for only 6 months, Rosa was far behind the other children in fine motor skills. You may remember me writing in a prior post how Rosa did not know how to hold a crayon or pencil and had very delayed fine motor skills when we first adopted her a year and a half ago. It absolutely amazes me how far she has come. You can go back and read about the fine motor activities I have used to help Rosa catch up by going here.

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