Free Lapbook and Fun Spelling Website

I wanted to share that CurrClick has a wonderful free Inventors Lapbook available for download this week. Every week they have a new free download so I recommend checking their site often. This weeks free lapbook has some really good instructions for making a lapbook if you are new to lapbooking like I am. Another fun site I recently discovered is Spelling City. On this site you can type in your child's spelling words for the week and it will give your child a spelling test on-line. You just click a button to hear the spelling word and there is another button to click if you want the spelling word in a sentence. Once your child has completed the test, the program will show which words were spelled incorrectly and give your child a chance to try them again. They even provide a print friendly copy of the test which you can save and print for your records. There are a number of games included on the website which use the spelling words you entered.

I never liked spelling much when I was in school so I have tried to find ways to make spelling fun for my son. I bought a set of colorful dry erase markers for him to use only for spelling on our dry erase board. Jacob thinks spelling is fun because he gets to use these markers. When he is done with his spelling, I allow him to draw a picture with the markers. I am excited to have discovered the Spelling City website so we have more than one fun option for spelling now.


margaret said...

wow! Love the spelling city link. Thanks! that will help my two strugglers & provide fun independent work for my fast finishers during reading groups!

elysabeth said...

Love the links. If you are looking for some social studies supplements (US History), I have the perfect series for you (of course by time it is finished, your kids will be out of school, but you can get started if you are interested). I'm the author of a geography series and I'm doing one state per book - written like a handheld game that gives the kids (characters and readers) clues to the state. The mystery is the state, not knowing where the adventure will take you. The fun part is almost all kids can relate to the handheld game and they are learning without being preached to. General trivia type facts, a bit of history, a bit of geography, and general information make these short, quick reads. Check out my blog if you are interested - http://jgdsseries.blogspot.com - E :)