Thumbprint Art with Ed Emberley

We did a fun art project today using Ed Emberley's Great Thumbprint Drawing Book. I remember these books from when I was a child and they are still just as fun today. One of these books, along with a washable stamp pad and a fine tipped black marker pen, would make a fun low priced Christmas present for a child on your list. You will see more books written by Ed Emberley below.


ryanb said...

These are absolutely adorable! I had pulled a page out of Family Fun magazine that had all kinds of ideas for thumb-print fruits: so scrumptious. Thanks for the idea!! I might just consider your gift suggestion for my crafty 5-year-old nephew.

Home School Dawn said...

I'm Home School Dawn, a fellow Best New Homeschool Blog Award nominee. I have posted an homage to all the nominees in our category. Come check it out! http://homeschooldawn.blogspot.com
Congratulations on a great honor. I enjoyed the competition.

ALISON said...

I love these cute thumbprint pictures. I have several books at home with projects like this and I love it when my son makes me a picture like this :-)