Amazing Building Toy: Kapla

Jacob loves building toys such a Lego's, K'nex, and Lincoln Logs. My latest discovery in building toys is Kapla planks. Kapla planks are precision cut so that each plank is exactly the same size and weight. This allows children and adults to build amazing creations from their imagination or from instructions provided in Kapla books. We have a basic block set but I wanted something that would take block building to the next level. We have added Kapla planks to our wish list thanks to all the wonderful reviews I have read. Kapla planks are more stable then other types of building blocks. Their design allows a young builder to create bigger and more complicated construction projects such as bridges, huge towers, and replicas of famous architecture like the Eiffel tower. Kapla planks would be a great Christmas present for your budding engineer or architect.

According to Wikipedia, "Kapla planks are very well known in Europe and a huge Eiffel Tower made of thousands of Kapla planks is currently exhibited in the new Cité de l'Architecture in Paris. Kapla has also shown at the Louvre and at the Children's Museum of Manhattan. Kapla building is meant to enable creativity and expression. There is no right or wrong way to build. There is no glue, no snaps, no interlocking parts - the planks are simply stacked and they remain in place thanks to gravity, creativity, and imagination."

The blocks are made from safe, non-toxic pine wood and are certified green from renewable forests of Marine pine near the Bordeaux region of France. What I like best about them, besides their building versatility, is their small size. We don't have room for a huge block set in our house even if we wanted one. Kapla planks store easily in a box or bin.

If you want to see some great pictures of what you can build with Kapla planks check out the Build Something Cool blog. You can find a number of Kapla sets and other cool building toys available through Amazon.com at the Kids Love Learning Store. The Kapla website is another good place to see examples of what you can build with Kapla planks.

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Kimberly Trotter said...

I read your blog all the time and am getting wonderful information from it. Thank you. There is another brand of these blocks called keva blocks that are made here in the USA. Here is a website about the differences. http://www.keva.info/ We have played with these and they are great!!