Castle Update and Fun with Playmobil

There was quite a bit of interest in the Melissa and Doug Princess Castle I wrote about a few days ago. Well, Amazon must have heard the buzz because they have raised the price of the castle to $72.99 with free shipping. The Medieval Castle is still holding at $67.99. If you want either of these castles for Christmas, I would recommend ordering soon. I have learned from previous experience that popular well priced items on Amazon sell out quickly before Christmas.

I wanted to share some of the Playmobil sets that go perfectly with these two castles. Rosa got the Royal Bedroom, Royal Nursery, and the Dream Garden Super Set for her birthday. Both Rosa and Jacob have spent hours playing with these. You can see more royal sets here. I am very grateful for Playmobil toys because they have entertained my children for many hours while I have gotten things done around the house. My children have made up a variety of stories using their Playmobil figures and they have combined them with their legos, lincoln logs, k'nex, blocks, and wooden train set. I will post a picture below of what Jacob's room looks like when he combines all these toys to create his own make believe world. I love seeing his imagination at work until it is time to vacuum.

The Playmobil knight sets have also been a hit with Jacob. His favorite sets so far are the Treasure Transport, the Attack Tower, and the Attack Cannon. Jacob also has a number of Playmobil pirate sets. The Corsair Pirate Ship is an excellent deal at $29.99. You can check out more pirate sets through Amazon here. My children are very fortunate to have a generous great aunt and great grandmother who buy them most of their Playmobil sets.

We began collecting the Playmobil Roman sets when Jacob bought the Roman Commander's Tent with his own money. He had won the money by catching a pig at our local fair's pig scramble. I am beginning to think we have enough Playmobil but Jacob just loves it. We are studying ancient Rome later this year in our World History unit study. I know Jacob will have great fun acting out some of the Roman stories we read with his Playmobil Roman figures.

If you do get Playmobil toys for your child, I would highly recommend buying medium size plastic bins to store the pieces in. We have only lost a few pieces because I require my children to pick up the smaller Playmobil toys at the end of the day and put all the little pieces in the appropriate bins. If any Playmobil pieces are left out, I pick them up myself and put them away downstairs. The child who lost their pieces can earn them back by doing extra chores for me.

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Janet said...

I was wondering when you were going to mention Playmobil! My kids absolutely love them..they are the best noncommercial imagination toy out there!
All these other toys are great too, thanks Amy for sharing all of them with us! :)