Kids Love Learning Store

I love to make lists, especially lists of books. Throughout this blog I will be sharing lists of my favorite books in different categories. One of my past times has been searching out the best in children's literature for my children. I have created my own Amazon.com store called the Kids Love Learning Store which has our family's favorite children's books divided by categories. I order most of the books we read through the library but I also like to have a home library filled with good books covering all subject areas. If I am buying books brand new, I usually do it through Amazon.com because I have found they have some of the best prices plus you get free shipping on orders over $25. If you decide to order books through the Kids Love Learning Store, you are actually buying books from Amazon.com so you can be assured that it is a secure site with excellent customer service. This is a great way for me to share my favorite books with others and have them all listed in one place. Feel free to use this blog and the Kids Love Learning Store to make your own list of books you want to look for at the library as well.

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