Fun Printable Custom Calendars

I want to share a free site with really fun printable custom calendars through DLTK. You can see in the photo, the calendar we created for October. My kids enjoy going on this site to pick out a special picture to put on their calendar page every month. I then draw little pictures to mark the important dates or holidays and tape the calendar on the refrigerator. Jacob loves to see when the next fun activity or holiday is coming and count how many days until it arrives. He has learned his days of the week, months of the year, and also practiced number recognition and counting by using these calendars. There are lots of themes to choose from including animals, holidays, seasons, and characters. The characters include Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, Thomas, Veggie Tales and lots more. My kids have so much fun picking out their own calendars and I love that the calendars are free!

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Sara said...

I share your passion for instilling a love of learning in children, and am traveling that path now with my two sons. I look forward to reading your blog and appreciate you sharing your thoughts and ideas!